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Merlot Riserva

Merlot Riserva is obtained from the grapes of the Merlot vine, of French origin but perfectly integrated in the region, so much so that it is now considered almost a native vine. It has intense black berries with brilliant bluish hues.

The harvest is manual in crates, with subsequent light drying of the grapes for about 7/8 days. Fermentation takes place in vats of different sizes for about 10/12 days, with frequent daily punching down. The refinement lasts for at least 30 months in French oak tonneau and subsequent six months in the bottle. The result is a robust wine, powerful but at the same time balanced and very persistent, with aromas of undergrowth, cherry, spicy, vanilla, tannic and velvety notes.

It pairs perfectly with dishes of red meat, game, as well as of course the excellent Friulian cured meats such as salami and soppressa. Its sweet and balanced notes can also make it excellent for meditation.

Wine for aging, it will give its best with the passage of time, after at least two or three years of bottling.

Data sheet.

Merlot Riserva.


DOC Friuli Colli Orientali.

Nimis and Torlano.

Marls and sandstones of Eocene origin.

Manual in crates with light drying of the grapes.

In vats of different sizes for about 10/12 days with frequent daily punching down.

French oak tonneau for at least 30 months and subsequent six months in the bottle.

Rosso rubino.

Powerful, with spicy and vanilla notes, hints of cherry and licorice.

Intense, very persistent, balanced tannins, with hints of undergrowth, vanilla and spices.

18/20 degrees.

Red meats, game, game, Friulian cold cuts. Also for meditation.

Separate collection

If you have any questions, contact the municipality's waste disposal department.
Bottle: glass
Capsule: plastic
Cork: organic